Peach Cobbler Hair

Peach Cobbler Hair

People tend to change with the seasons, from our clothes to our beauty products to our favorite outdoor activities. So why not change your hair color as the snow melts and the sun starts to shine?

A sure hit we’re eyeing for spring? Warm peach cobbler hair—a radiant look that beams like sunlight, created by colorist Chad Kenyon, Allure reported. We’ve seen hair color trends from candy apple red to chocolate lilac, but this new treat-inspired hairstyle is our latest obsession.

Whether you’re a redhead looking to revamp your look or a brunette wanting to add some spice, this look is for you. It’s so vibrant it will have you feeling downright peachy.

The layers of rich peach tones look absolutely stunning. The look can be created using Colormelt or balayage.

Social media loves a ripe peach—wink wink—and peach cobbler hair is no different. Check out these other gorgeous peach-inspired looks for inspiration for your own take on warm peach cobbler hair for spring.

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