Pills For Skin Whitening – Could They Really Work?

Pills For Skin Whitening – Could They Really Work?

Pills for skin whitening – can something as simple and convenient as a pill or tablet really give you the skin lightening result that you desire? It does sound almost too good to be true but might they actually work? In this article, I will investigate whether they really work. I will tell you what these pills are, how they work and what kind of result you can expect to obtain. Let’s take a closer look right now.

What Are Skin Whitening Pills And How Do They Work?

Obviously they are intended to lighten the appearance of your skin. People want to achieve this for a variety of reasons and there are many treatment methods available, including pills.

There is no single type of whitening pill available on the market. There are several and each works in a different way. Let’s look at these now.

Glutathione Pills

These pills are supposed to work by blocking tyrosinase which is an important enzyme that is necessary for the production of melanin in our skin i.e. without this enzyme, you cannot tan. When Beyonce appeared in Vanity Fair magazine with radically lighter skin, it was rumoured that she used glutathione pills in order to achieve her new look though some claim that the photograph was digitally altered. So, do they work?

You are supposed to take these pills for at least two to three months to give your body a chance to reduce its natural melanin production. However, many people who take these pills report that they don’t work. Some doctors theorise that supplementing with pills will make any significant change to glutathione levels in your body and that most of it is still produced in your cells. This may be because none of it is absorbed as it passes through your digestive system and is finally excreted. However, some people receive glutathione injections instead which are said to give a good result.

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