Glossier has always gone by the mantra of ‘skin first, makeup second’ but from extended makeup shade ranges to the jazzy introduction of Glossier Play, cosmetics have been high on the brand’s beauty agenda so far this year. It seems, however, that with the arrival of spring, skin is once again in, a mood confirmed by the arrival of Glossier’s most sought after skincare product yet, and we can’t quite believe it’s the not already in the family.

Bubblewrap, £23 for 22ml, is the community-led brand’s first eye cream, with Glossier groupies apparently having been campaigning, nudging, tagging and commenting to chivvy along its arrival for a very long time. Given that Glossier is very much a ‘feedback focused’ company, developing and tweaking products in line with customer evaluation and demand, an eye cream was already on the horizon, but the lab team has taken its sweet time tinkering with with the formula and concept (two years to be precise). Why the hold up?

First off, it’s not a one note product – Bubblewrap is specifically designed to smooth, hydrate and soften both eyes and lips, the areas on your face that tend to be both the most sensitive and the most naturally lacking in moisture. Formulators wanted to optimise a plumping cream to meet the needs of both areas, without creating grease or a filmly finish that can get in the way of makeup or just you living your best life.

Having observed makeup artists using eye creams on lips and eyes to create a dewy skin finish for editorial shoots and catwalk shows, the Glossier lot wanted Bubblewrap to deliver an immediate ‘refreshed’ effect while also providing skincare benefits to protect delicate skin and improve long term hydration. Hence the name Bubblewrap – it’s a bit of day to day padding for the most vulnerable bits of your face.

Ingredients-wise it brings along a bucketload of hyaluronic acid to bind moisture to your skin, a peptide complex to soften and strengthen the skin barrier and emollient squalane for a smooth feel. Avocado oil provides yet more moisture, but the formula is a ‘water-in-oil’ emulsion so it sinks in quickly and dries down to a silky texture rather than hanging around on the surface of the skin. Blueberry extract brings antioxidant clout to the mix and a fancy sounding Himalayan swertia chirata extract also made the cut for its anti-inflammatory effect.

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