Alpha Hydro-products for oily and blemish prone skin

Alpha Hydro-products for oily and blemish prone skin

If you’ve heard of Alpha-H then it’s more than likely you know about then due to Liquid Gold; their standout and bestselling Glycolic Acid-based treatment that’s loved by many. But while I love the brand for that single product alone there are so many more products from Alpha-H worth trying.

So in collaboration with Cult Beauty as Alpha-H is CT’s October Brand of the Month, meaning free worldwide delivery across the brand, I thought I would highlight the Alpha-H products that are ideal of anyone with a similar skin type to mine – oily, combination and blemish-prone.

One thing is for sure with Alpha-H, they know the power of cleansing with 8 cleansers in their skincare range. However picking from such a wide range can be tricky so after a lot of research & review reading I decided to test out their Triple Action Cleanser – an eye makeup remover, face wash and toner in one.

For me, this is very much a morning and evening 2nd cleanse as while it does remove even stubborn waterproof eye makeup it is the lightest formula I’ve ever come across (which I love!) only slightly foaming with a low pH and being importantly SLS-free.

Packed with anti-oxidants and balancing ingredients the aim of this lightweight cleanser is to kill bacteria on the skin and balance out excess oil production and I can confirm it really does live up to its claims, even helping my skin stay blemish-free around my time of the month… something that never happens.

While I’ve tended to stick to more simple cleansers for my 2nd cleanse for quite some time now, I believe this cleanser to be just that step-up. Still simple with a perfect formulation but enough to actively keep my oily/blemish-prone skin clear, soft and smooth.

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