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The Evolution of Skin Rejuvenation

What sets this treatment apart from others? The SilkPeel combines three treatments in one to exfoliate, extract and infuse skin with beneficial serums to treat a variety of skin conditions. “It’s non-invasive, takes only 30 minutes and has no downtime,” says Kabris, “So you can use it prior to a big event or simply on […]


Best Masks For Banishing Blackheads

First things first, a reality check: You can’t ‘cure’ blackheads, because they’re not a sign you’re a defective human (meaning that even Beyoncé has probably experienced a blackhead at least once in her life). In fact, these pesky little spots are simply excess oil that has become trapped inside a pore. When the oil is exposed to air, […]

Acne Anti-ageing

The Best Aluminum-Free Deodorants

Let’s get two facts out of the way: There’s no such thing as an aluminum-free deodorant because all deodorants are aluminum-free, and every study to date suggests there is no definitive link between aluminum-based antiperspirant use and breast cancer. Studies have shown that under-arm skin actually absorbs very little aluminum— only about 0.01 percent. But what about when […]

Acne Makeup

BECCA Pearl Glow Summer 2019

BECCA Cosmetics are releasing the limited edition Pearl Glow collection for summer 2019.  It is inspired by the natural sheen of freshwater pearls and features mirror glass-like finishes and glowing formulas.  The collection features a brand new highlighter formula the Pearl Glow Luster Powder.  Also included is the Shimmering Eye Palette and lip tints.  BECCA Cosmetics Pearl Glow Luster […]

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