The sunscreen mistake you didn’t know you were making

The sunscreen mistake you didn’t know you were making

If you’ve ever mixed some liquid highlighter into your base or boosted your moisturiser with a few drops of face oil, welcome to our club: we love a bit of freewheeling, product-enhancing skin cocktailing in the Cosmopolitan beauty department. But it’s possible to take things too far, as evidenced by an innocent exchange between two Cosmo colleagues that went as follows:

“Do you like this sunscreen?”

“Yes! It’s not too heavy and it mixes really well with my foundation.”

This made me choke on my Pret tuna salad, and actually shout “No!” across the office. First of all, points to my colleague for even entertaining the thought of daily facial sunscreen, and making a valiant effort to incorporate it into her routine in a way that makes it quick and easy to stick with. As any skincare expert and beauty journalist will tell you in any skincare feature you’ve ever read, sunscreen is your number one face saver, halting the signs of ageing (which include lifeless skin, pigment blotches and crow’s feet) in their tracks – or before they even start.

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