Know About Getting Botox In Your Armpits

Know About Getting Botox In Your Armpits

Holding the rail so you don’t cause human dominos on the tube.

All things you might avoid if you suffer from excessive armpit sweat. Of course we all perspire but, for some, the problem is so extreme it can be a daily source of embarrassment. In fact, one survey showed that almost 60% of people are embarrassed by the presence of sweat marks around their armpits, more than any other body characteristic.


Hyperhidrosis, or excessive sweating, is when the body goes beyond just producing sweat to regulate our body temperature and continues to do so even when you’ve cooled down. It can be something you’re naturally prone to, a side-effect of medication, or a symptom of another condition. ‘Sometimes the triggers can go beyond exercise or high temperatures’, says Aesthetic Doctor Galyna Selezneva, ‘such as the cold, alcohol, caffeine, spicy food, stress, anxiety or other strong emotions.’

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