Luminous Skin at Any Age

Luminous Skin at Any Age

Genetic Aging: We’re all familiar with the classic signs of getting older-fine lines and deep wrinkles. Why does it happen? In addition to skin becoming thinner as we age, the breakdown of collagen affects the ability of the skin to repair itself as well at its very cellular structure. And because collagen is what helps keep skin firm, what you notice is visibly less elasticity, which makes skin more susceptible to wrinkling and sagging.

To combat the effects of genetic aging, try products that contain collagen which smooth fine lines and wrinkles by boosting collagen and hydration levels.

Retinoids are also skin savers. That’s because retinol can help expedite the skin’s turnover, assisting older surface skin cells to die off faster and allowing for new cell growth. The process helps to minimize the appearance of wrinkles and slows the breakdown of collagen.

There are products designed to specifically target creases and crow’s feet that can help reduce the appearance of deep wrinkles.

Environmental Aging: Overexposure to sun, pollution and wind can take its toll. Environmental aging reflects how you’ve taken care of your skin throughout the years.

One key ingredient in fighting telltale pigmentation (patchy darkening of the skin typical of sun damage) is vitamin C. Products including a concentrated formulation of vitamin C can provide enhanced collagen-building and skin-brightening power.

Hormonal Aging: This type of skin aging occurs largely as a result of reduced estrogen levels in women. There are product lines specifically formulated to combat the effect of hormonal aging.

Phytoestrogens-plant based compounds such as those found in wild yam and soybean are particularly effective in eye creams. Night creams can also have a significant impact on reducing the effects of hormonal aging by restoring the skin’s hydration and luster. Many combine essential fatty acids and ingredients such as starflower oil, shea butter, retinol and clover flower extract to hydrate and restore your skin’s healthy glow.

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