‘Those with oily, blemish prone skin suffer from an over production of sebum during the night. By morning, the skin can feel dirty and dull with additional blemishes. New Normaderm Night Detox targets the skin overnight by helping to control the production of sebum while purifying the skin.

Upon awakening:

1: Sebum production is controlled

2: Imperfections appear reduced

3: Pores tightened

4: Radiant complexion

5: Even skin texture

6: Skin feels clean & fresh

Powerful formula yet kind to the skin. The texture is light and non greasy leaving the skin with a clean fresh sensation.’

What’s good about it?
From my tester: ‘The Vichy Night Detox is amazing! My skin is almost clear. I’ve been doing your routine and just using this at bedtime and I can’t believe the results.’
It’s also a great price point. 

What’s not good about it?
This isn’t the ‘cleanest’ product on the market if you are someone who wants natural/organic etc. However, in my experience, once someone has suffered from sustained, incredibly annoying breakouts/spots/acne, you stop caring what’s in it (for the most part) and just want something that works. Still, at least on this occasion you can actually look at the ingredients and make the choice for yourself.

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