Dry Or Dehydrated?

Dry Or Dehydrated?

I change my skincare ‘wardrobe’ every time I change my actual clothing wardrobe over from winter to summer and vice versa. However, this weekend I realised I had probably left it a couple of weeks too late as my skin was dull as ditchwater, flat and dry to touch.

That coupled with the blog posts and tweets I’ve seen recently about dry skin/skin feeling tight etc leads me to think this little guide might prove useful.

1: caused by lack of oil in the skin

2: small pores

3: ‘tight’ feeling

4: may be flaky

5: milia, blackheads and spots may still be present

6: skin looks dull

7: skin is not plump

8: doesn’t absorb products easily

9: aggravated by poor skincare

Skin is made up of 70% water – around  20-30% of that is in the epidermis (top layer of the skin). In normal circumstances, your hydrolipidic film acts as a regulator and barrier – retaining moisture and protecting against germs. If – for whatever reason that is compromised, the moisture in the epidermis evaporates too quickly and the normal, healthy state of the skin is compromised.

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