What Are the Symptoms of Mustard Allergy?

What Are the Symptoms of Mustard Allergy?

Mustard allergies are a type of food allergy that’s very common. It’s important to recognize the symptoms. After you determine you have an allergy to mustard, you need to take proper steps to avoid it at all cost.

The symptoms of a mustard allergy

Symptoms can include your breathing being difficult, a rash or hives, or itchy skin. The skin can become swollen too as in other allergic reactions. The problem with being allergic to mustard is that mustard is included in many foods in a way we may not be aware of. Lunchmeat and hot dogs can have mustard seeds in them. Mustard seeds are used as a spice in other foods too.

How to avoid mustard

Avoidance is the best treatment as far as an allergy to mustard is concerned. However this can be easier said than done. Many foods may contain mustard without you ever knowing it. For example, many foods contain mustard seed or oil. It’s also common for many sauces to contain mustard oil. Because of this it’s important to make sure you read the labels on all processed foods. Not more than ever, companies are taking into account peoples allergic needs.

Treatment options vary

While it’s recommended that you eliminate mustard from your diet completely, sometimes that isn’t possible. Many over the counter medications are effective if you do not have a severe allergy. However if the symptoms are bad enough, you should see a doctor as soon as possible. Many times an allergy shot is the only solution.


It’s important to understand that mustard allergies should not be taken lightly. Even though it may seem like a small ingredient, the effects can be devastating if gone untreated. By being careful, you can still be able to enjoy the foods you love in a healthy way.

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