What Skin Type Are You?

What Skin Type Are You?

Skin Types and Skin Conditions are two different things and it is important to understand that. Marie Reynolds, skincare expert, talks us through the different skin types that can vary with each individual. Knowing What Skin Type you are will help you greatly when buying your skincare.

Normal Skin Type

The skin looks healthy clear and fresh. A normal skin type is neither oily or dry and is usually free from congestion and blemishes.

Dry Skin Type

The skin is thin and fine, capillaries are noticeable around the cheek and nose areas. This skin type is lacking in sebum and is prone to premature wrinkling. The skin will feel tight after washing and may have dry, flaky patches.

Oily Skin Type

The skin looks shiny, dull and slightly yellowish(sallow) from the excess sebum that is produced. Oily skin is coarse and thick. Enlarged pores are visible that can allow bacteria to breed causing infection. Oily skin tends to age slower, the excess sebum can act as a barrier from UV rays as well as lubricating the skin through the ageing process.

Combination Skin Type

The skin has areas of dry, greasy and normal skin. Usually the forehead, nose and chin (T-Zone) are oily, leaving dry, sensitive areas around the eyes and cheeks.

Sensitive Skin Type

The skin is often dry, delicate and reddens very easily. Hereditary factors may be the cause of sensitivity as well as environmental or topical use of products. On a white skin the area of sensitivity is red, on a black skin the area is darkened.

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